You don't buy or sell on this site. What you can
do is advertise your goods for sale. Interested
people can then contact you to finalise the deal.
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This area is not completed yet.

All users can view all listed items. This allows people to look around and see what's on offer without registering.
Only registered users can list items for sale, or buy things using the 'Buy Now' function. And you must be registered
to use the 'Email the seller' function, or to make inquiries, or leave comments, or make bids using comments.
This is to prevent scammers and spammers from creating havoc as they do on some other sites.

When registering, users must provide a valid Email address.
A confirmation email is sent to that email address, with a unique code number.
The user must enter that code number at next logon, or by following a link given.
If the email is fake, obviously the user will not receive the code, so can not register.
If the code is not entered, or wrongly entered, the registration will fail, so that user may only look, but not use.
The users IP address is also recorded. This can be used to trace most users, or to block them from the site.
Users should check their Spam box if the email doesn't show up. Or contact our Admins if there are problems.

When an item is sold, the quantity available is decreased by the number bought.
When completely sold out, the listing still remains, but shows "Sold Out" instead of "Buy Now".
This allows the seller to re-use that listing, without needing to re-enter the whole thing again.
You should use the 'Your Account' and 'Your Listings' function to remove or update your entry.
To re-use the listing, simply change the Quantity from zero to a positive amount.

Use your browsers BACK ARROW (top left) to go back where you were, or the top Menu to go elsewhere.